2017-10-31 13:32:54

The Nike European Logistics Campus consolidates a series of sites previously located in several cities in Belgium and in The Netherlands. The choice of location was a major decision, lying at Albert canal it is not far away from Antwerp, Europe’s second- largest seaport hereby minimalizing transport over road. The Campus offers a wide variety of sustainable features amongst which the visually spectacular 1.3-km long green serpentine along the west façade. The overall design is based on three focus points: fossil- free operations, closed loop flows and a healthy and biodiverse environment, hereby creating a self-sustainable complex. The use of sun, wind, water, the land and the biomass energy through sun panels (photovoltaic and heat), wind turbines, hydro power station, KWO (geothermal) and biomass power station make the Nike ELC a true zero energy project. Combined with an overall design that integrates natural elements along the façade and built within a landscaped park it has now become a new benchmark for the NIKE group all over the world, an example to follow, setting a new standard for all Nike Logistic centers still to come.

CES is proud to participate in the second phase of this innovative project that received an Honorable Mention in Architectural Design and Green architecture of the American Architecture Prize 2017.

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