2017-04-21 12:11:43

In the center of Leuven the Vesalius project combines renovation and new buildings to create a dynamic environment.  The complexity of the existing architecture, the new requirements that have to be taken into account and the proximity of the old part of Leuven make this an extra challenging project.  Also the 17 century outer walls needed to be restored in harmony with the new buildings.
The Vesalius site is located opposite the Group-T university and near the KUL, two famous Belgium universities. The combination of creativity and high level technological knowledge made it possible to create an ideal mix of life and work surroundings in perfect co-existence with the existing environment. 
A total of more than 60 dorm rooms, 68 apartments, an auditorium, two movie theatres, offices, retail space  and a major foyer lifts the city of Leuven to a higher level once again.  

Project details