Building Engineering
and Sustainable Development

  • Cloche d'Or Luxembourg Grand-Duché-De-Luxembourg 163.000 m2

    Tatiana Fabecq Architecte

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  • Nieuw Zuid Antwerpen 37.400 m2

    Poponcini & Lootens, Atelier Kempe Thill,Styfhals & Partners,Brut + C.F.Moller

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  • Louise Marie Antwerpen 30.500 m2

    Poponcini & Lootens

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  • Vesalius Leuven 12.500 m2

    M. & J-M Jaspers - J. Eyers & Partners

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  • Val Benoit Liège 12.000 m2

    Art & Build

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  • RVT Cadiz Antwerpen 7.000 m2

    Neos Architecten Samenwerking

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  • Engineering

    CES offers a consultant service in the field of energy, technical installations and processing.

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  • Sustainability

    CES implements innovative energy solutions to help you in your quest for environmental and energy efficiency.

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  • Facility

    CES supports the life of your building, allowing you to speed up your business without distractions.

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Recent News

  • Vesalius : the ideal mix

    In the center of Leuven the Vesalius project combines renovation and new buildings to create a dynamic environment.  The complexity of the existing architecture, the new requirements that have ... read more

  • Chambon site is given a new life

    The historic Chambon complex won the award for Best Refurbished Building at the MIPIM Awards 2017 in Cannes on 16 March. The former headquarters of the Caisse Générale d’Epargne ... read more

  • CES in national broadcast ‘Terzake’

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